ACFE Sydney – April Webinar Event: Pink Collar Crime Lunch & Learn – 1 CPE

ACFE Sydney – April Webinar Event
Thursday 30 April 2020 (12:30pm – 1:30pm)

The loss of money due to fraud is devastating but, what is worse is the unrecoverable loss of time and the loss of trust, which takes the biggest toll.  When embezzlement and fraud happens, it is often committed by a long-term, trusted employee.  They have worked side by side with you for potentially years or even decades and are often  part of the family.  These embezzlers live amongst us and their crimes are relatable as almost everyone  knows of a business or person who has been affected by embezzlement. 
Join renowned Pink Collar Crime expert Kelly Paxton to understand this growing demographic.  This topic is Kelly’s most widely requested due to the recent increase in embezzlement and fraud.  Kelly will show you what to look for in your business to make sure your most trusted employee is not a Pink Collar Criminal. 

Kelly Paxton is a recognised expert on Pink Collar Crime in the US. What started as a research project into why so many  embezzlers are women, has become an extremely relevant and relatable speaking topic.  Kelly has investigated hundreds of cases, ranging from money laundering to conflict of interest to embezzlement.  Her hands-on investigative experience for the government and private sector, along with research into criminal behaviour and investigating for both the prosecution and defence provides real-life, practical information.

Note: Due to recent travel restrictions in relation to COVID-19, Kelly won’t be able to join us in person. Instead she will be speaking to our audiences from US through an online live-session. There will be an opportunity to interact with Kelly, ACFE members and other participants.

Event Details

1 hour CPE

Thursday, 30 April 2020
12:30pm to 1:30pm

Online Live Session from Boston
Details will be provided upon registration

Speaker – Kelly Paxton

Event fee:


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