ACFE Sydney – Mentoring Program

Dear Members,

The ACFE Sydney Chapter Mentoring Program is seeking volunteer CFE’s to be Mentors. Your guidance of our future CFE’s gives them a unique opportunity to either assist those who wish to enter a career in the anti-fraud industry or those who are in the industry but wish to enhance their careers and capabilities. The Mentorship Program is designed to provide an environment and framework to discuss challenges and issues relating to a career in anti-fraud. It also provides mentees with the opportunity to build closer relationships with more experienced ACFE members and a stronger association with the ACFE itself.

The benefits of the ACFE Mentoring Program include:


    •  About our mentees in their development towards a CFE career
    • About giving opportunities to grow as individuals
    • About giving opportunities to develop career skills and capabilities

Being an ACFE mentor

    • Impart wisdom of past experience
    • Often it is the little things or details that matter
    • Often just listening can make a difference


    •  We get much more than we give
    • Gives mentors an understanding of ‘real world’ mentee concerns
    • Engender: confidence in mentees and belief in themselves

The ACFE Mentoring program reinforces the responsibility and the benefits in connecting and staying connected with our potential CFE’s as they take opportunities and grow as individuals in their chosen CFE career paths.

Program structure:

    •  The ACFE Sydney Chapter administers the ACFE Mentoring program.  As a Director of the ACFE Sydney Chapter Board I serve as the ACFE Sydney Chapter Mentor Coordinator for the program
    • New ACFE mentees will be identified by the ACFE Sydney Chapter Mentor Coordinator
    • To assess the effectiveness of the program, six-month and annual progress reports will be requested from each mentor and new mentee by the ACFE Sydney Chapter Mentor Coordinator
    • The initial contact between a mentor and new mentee will be arranged by myself as the ACFE Sydney Chapter Mentor Coordinator
    • ACFE mentors will volunteer for the role and agree to serve for at least one calendar year
    • No more than two new mentees will be assigned to the same mentor at one time
    • ACFE Mentor must attend at least one ACFE Training Seminar annually.

Detailed Information regarding the ACFE Sydney Chapter Mentoring Program is attached as well as an ACFE Mentor application form.

Please read all the documents and if you agree to the opportunity it would be appreciated if you could complete the ACFE mentor application and forward it to  with ‘ACFE Mentor’ in the subject line.  On receipt, you will be contacted to be advised of your mentee/mentees and the final arrangements for your meeting/s.

Your sincerely

Verity Greenwood


ACFE Sydney Chapter

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