Review of ACFE Sydney Event ‘Breaking into the CEOs account using data breaches’

10 October 2017, hosted by Macquarie Bank, ACFE Corporate Alliance partner

On Tuesday, it was a full house at Macquarie (50 Martin Place) when Edward Farrell of Mercury ISS, presented at the ACFE Sydney Chapter event on how organisations by using data breaches can protect themselves against adversaries’ who are trying to gain access to and obtain their (sensitive) data with malicious intent.

acfe training event october

He explained to attendees from the banking and financial services industry, regulators, law enforcement, consulting firms, independent practitioners and students, how he built a database with compromised credentials by conducting research for over two years, which his team uses to help organisations become aware of their vulnerabilities and advise on mitigating actions.

It was a buzzing evening, as like-minded professionals connected, by not only exchanging business cards (and LinkedIn invites), but by sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to making this event successful!

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